Our History


We have been established for fifty years, In our early days we supplied secondhand packing cases and timber. During these times we moved steadily into the growing market of pallets. Which today is our primary business

Over the years we have supplied new and recycled pallets to many companies both large and small, we pride ourselves on our commitment of service and quality to all our customers.

In 1990 we were invited to join the N.A.P.D. an association of pallet suppliers, with a common aim in promoting the recycling of pallets with honesty and integrity with a view on enviromental issues

In 1993 we expanded to include a transport and haulage service, many of our customers now use us to supply pallets and deliver the goods on them, we are licensed with the enviroment agency to collect scrap and broken pallets which is another of our services.

Over the years we have evolved as a company, that can supply you with new or recycled pallets, deliver your goods and handle dispolsals with a commitment to you and the enviorment.