What is the N.A.P.D.?

The N.A.P.D is a group of companies which specialise in the sale of both new and recycled pallets. Although N.A.P.D. members trade in both new and refurbished pallets the use of reclaimed and repaired pallets is one of the association's primary Interests, all pallets new and used are guaranteed to a high standard.


The aims of the N.A.P.D.?

To ethically and honestly maintain the active recycling of reusable wooden pallets to British trade and Industry, and in so doing contribute to the lowering of the national import bill and conserve a natural resource by reducing world deforestation.


Why use an N.A.P.D. pallet supplier?

You cannot obtain pallets refurbished to such a consistent quality from just anywhere. Only N.A.P.D. members who operate within the N.A.P.D.'s strict code of trading practice can guarantee quality used pallets, together with fast efficient service and integrity. Refurbished pallets can be produced to the same quality as those manufactured from new wood, and the N.A.P.D. code