Our Pallets

Presswood Pallets (ISPM 15)


Moulded under extreme pressures and temptures presswood pallets need no further treatment (i.e. plant and pest control). This means no other pallets are needed to export worldwide.


The nesting feature makes it easier and safer to move empty pallet stacks, also saving you valuable warehouse space.


There are no nails which helps reduce the risk of injury. The proven moulded design offers a soild top deck for protection of your goods.


Some of the sizes we offer are;

ISO sizes for container loading, 1200 x 1000 and 1200 x 800

Euro and Uk sizes for regular work 1200 x 1000 and 1200 x 800

Other sizes and types are available. Please contact us for more details.



What is ISPM15?

The International Standard for Phytosanitary Measures, publication number 15 - Regulation of wood packaging material (WPM) in international trade.


Why ISPM15?

The regulations are to help prevent the worldwide spread of plant pests and diseases by using specially treated wooden packaging material (WPM).


Who controls ISPM15?

As part of the United Nations Food & Agriculture Organisation (FAO), the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) controls the regulations through the cooperation of member governments of the UN.